How We Perform Bulk Excavation for Golf Courses


After your building consultation and before we start digging, we prepare by implementing erosion control techniques and clearing the site.

Erosion control is a legal requirement enforced by local councils. Check your local requirements for erosion control requirements unique to you.

Erosion control techniques such as silt fences, turbidity barriers, rock check dams, inlet protection and erosion control blankets manage runoff and siltation. Letting these processes go unmanaged damages your course by eroding the layers of material keeping it together and contoured properly and can lead to expensive repair costs.

Before we can dig and shape the site, we have to clear it of any obstacles, mainly trees. If regulations allow, we can clear using open burning or air curtain incineration, but otherwise, we can clear by chipping and grinding. We take all local law, your preferences and environmental impacts into account before choosing which method to use and how much we clear.

The Preparation

At golf courses, players gather to have fun, compete and upskill in their sport. But just like design choices and errors (or lack thereof), the choices and actions made in bulk excavation for a course affect the play style and level of frustration associated with every hole. In fact, the fun and competitiveness of the course – not to mention its existence itself – is often determined by the bulk excavation gone into it. Here’s what we do at Golf Spectrum to ensure your golf course bulk excavation matches the design.


Once your golf course is all sorted, we can excavate for the construction of a clubhouse, including footings. We can also excavate for a driving range if your golf course requires it. 

The Extras

Whether you engineer, build, consult or manage a golf course, Golf Spectrum can assist you with your next project. We go above and beyond to satisfy our customers in all our civil construction services. Call us today for a free quote on any of our services.

Here comes the dirty part. We bulk-excavate to; shape and construct the green, tees, bunkers and fairways; contour the land; implement proper drainage, and install the cart path. We use surveying and laser levelling techniques throughout the bulk excavation process to make sure our process matches the design.

While shaping and constructing the green, tees, bunkers and fairways, drainage is our biggest priority. We make use of levels, correctly-sized pipes and catch basin inlets, rain gardens and stormwater drainage installation to ensure your course can be enjoyed even after heavy rain.

Lake excavation is usually the largest portion of the excavation work, and provides fill material for the course, so we excavate lakes first. After that comes the green, which is the most complex part to shape due to its multiple layered materials for air flow, moisture retention and drainage.

We use bulk shaping for the green, fairways, tees and rough to turn roughly graded land into finely contoured land. We then make site cuts several feet deep with a bulldozer to contour the holes.

We also provide shaping bath subgrade of various textures and curbing types to excavate for the cart path.

•    Beaudesert
•    Ipswich
•    Pilton
•    Caloundra
•    Gatton
•    Southport
•    Killoy
•    Noosa
•    Burleigh Heads
•    Tarong
•    Toowoomba
•    Clifton
•    Beerwah
•    Crow’s Nest
•    Redbank

Golf Spectrum can provide golf course design, construction consultation, maintenance and bulk earthworks to the Sunshine Coast, including:

We bulk excavate for golf courses!

“The Final Trim,” or finishing touches of a golf course, are often the components that patrons will take notice of. These include the grass, other plants and hardscaping components.

Installing and maintaining the grass is a top priority, as the type and length of grass on a course determines the friction, affecting play. We install the same type of grass on the green and teeing-off area, a different one on the fairway and a different one again on the rough. We also install irrigation systems with sprinkler head coverage and computer-based control systems to keep it healthy and spruce up the place with landscaping tools such as planting trees, hedges, flowers in cordoned-off bark-filled areas. These elements can also be used to indicate a separation between holes or as a strategic obstacle for players.

The hardscaping or artificial elements we provide excavation for include waterfalls, fountains, wood bulkheads and retaining walls.

The Final Trim

The Digging

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